Mzansi wants Fergusons family to have their own reality show

The Ferguson’s are loved by viewers all over Mzansi and fans are calling for a reality show from the inspirational family.

The Ferguson’s live a lavish life but still somehow manage to find a way to be relatable to South Africans.

After the latest clip they shared of their family life online, fans decided they want a reality show so they can get a closer look into their lives.

We’ve already caught a glimpse of their beautiful mansion, but viewers are looking for a little more now.

Shona and Connie are always schooling the timeline about life. Their children are super creative and share their gifts with others on social media.

Their grandson, Ronewa, recently made his acting debut on Rockville too, so it makes sense that fans would want a show about their personal lives as well.

Connie recently posted a video of her family trolling her and fans found it hilarious.

The actress and producer showed her followers that her husband doesn’t “see” her and her kids never miss the chance to make fun of her.

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