Fikile Mbalula’s says he will fix Prasa

Minister Fikile Mbalula recently told Parliament that he was working on fixing the Passenger Rail Agency of SA.

According to Fikile he is already working on some “ambitious” projects to help the agency get back on its feet.

Mbalula also said that all those involved in crippling the ailing agency would be brought to justice after the agency received a disclaimed audit opinion for two years in a row from the Auditor General, who remarked that the agency had unreliable financial statements and a lack of financial discipline.

South Africans seemingly have no faith in Mbalula’s promises and have had this to say:

@HadebeM2 said: “Delusional @MbalulaFikile LYING unprovoked.”

@mbonii said: “Shouldn’t he be saying, ‘I’m fixing PRASA’?”

@ScanaRostova said: “I think given that this transport caters for the poor and those who are working, Min Mbalula must give us time frame…. we have heard this before… Mr Fix, when are our trains coming back… let’s talk time frame.”

@mike_superb said: “Sure baba, you will fix it like everything else ANC fixes, how many times did they fix SAA or Post Office, nah 5 years from now there will be a new minister going to fix PRASA.”

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