Dr patrick soon-shiong SA born billionaire gives Mzansi R3bn to produce vaccines

SA born billionaire Dr Patrick Soon-Shiong gives COVID-19 vaccines worth of R3bn to Mzansi.

He is one of the richest men in Los Angeles, but he has not forgotten where he comes from.

The biotech billionaire was born in South Africa, and he is now honouring his roots with an impressive contribution to the country’s fight against the coronavirus.

According to The New York Times, Soon-Shiong has dedicated $210 million – which is about R3 billion – towards the production of Covid-19 vaccines in South Africa.

“Our goal and our commitment is to come back to South Africa and transfer this kind of technology,” he said, adding: “Not only do we have the science, we have the human capital and the capacity and the desire.” Thuli Madonsela shared the article on Twitter and wrote: “#GoodNews: Let’s hang in there. Vaccines are coming. In the meantime, let’s take collective action to prevent a #COVID-19 #ThirdWave. It’s not a given that we must experience it.”

Social media users applauded Soon-Shiong for donating the large sum of money to help curb the spread of the deadly virus. Nic Spaull, @NicSpaull, wrote: “Huge injection into South Africa’s vaccine production capabilities.

Also reminded there are many pro-social South Africans (with lots of goodwill towards South Africa) living abroad. An untapped resource. Thanks Dr Soon-Shiong!”

I hope his company will purchase those vaccines or the money will be transferred to the vaccine manufacturers. Because we all know what will happen if that money can land in our government’s hands.

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