SA Reacts as Lady Says She Finally Got a Job

A young South African woman, Cynthia, shared the news that she is now employed, many celebrated with her. This young lady is finally employed.

Images: @Brown_Sugarza25 Source: Twitter “Finally, I got a job,” she wrote happily, while also taking some time to say thank you.

The heart-warming post received over 22k likes and many thoughtful comments from her followers, who were truly happy for the young woman’s new chapter in life.

They will laugh with you while stabbing you in the back. Be on the look-out sister.” @avux_mitchem sadly wrote: “I’m slowly waiting for this day.” @TheTshana wrote: “Congrats, this surely gives hope to us too.” @Moonlit_95 joked: “Congrats!! It feels like someone is going to take me out for lunch come the following month-end.”

In other heart-warming News reports about employment, a young South African woman recently headed online where she shared a truly heartfelt post about a young man who went from working as a security guard outside a courthouse to becoming a court clerk. In the post, she also shared that the excited man had even granted her permission to share snaps of himself before and after he got his big promotion. She then shared the snaps on her timeline.

“Bathong I’m sooo excited, found the security guy inside our court. Noticed he’s not wearing his uniform. Guess what? HE IS NOW WORKING AS A COURT CLERK.

Don’t want to disturb him, but he granted me permission to post his before and after pics. Definitely getting him a nice branded shirt ka the chelt if my next order, she wrote happily in the post.

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