Mzansi Shows Admiration for Thembi Seete’s Super Youthful Looks

Thembi Seete has stunned social media with her super youthful she looks. Fans have been gushing about the actress online and have even been calling her a vampire because of how she just doesn’t seem to age.

Thembi is 44 years old, but she still doesn’t look a day over 30, according to fans. She’s gorgeous and always has tongues wagging, especially since she made a return to acting on Gomora. She was part of Boom Shaka back in the day and was a stunner back then too.

Mzansi has been showing Thembi Seete lots of love online for staying youthful. Image: @thembiseete Source: Instagram What’s crazy is she still looks just as beautiful as when she got onto the scene. As lovely as she is, she’s stayed true to herself and still has Mzansi viewers’ hearts with her beauty.

Social media users have been complimenting the star online. Check out some reactions below: @Mmakgosidarling said: “What a beautiful woman, constantly drinking out of the Fountain of Youth.” @vincentmatila44 commented: “Come on give a girl a break, age just a number.” @LeeMankayi said: You guys are putting the other grannies under unnecessary pressure by always going on about how beautiful Thembi is hau.

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