Mixed Reactions to Planned Marriage Act for Women with Multiple Husbands

Although traditional polygamy is widely acceptable in large parts of Africa, there are different gender expectations that come into play when women express a desire to have more than one husband.

A local policy adjustment by the Departments of Home Affairs is hoping to challenges these prevalent double standards.

If passed, the new marriage act could see more inclusive rights for women who choose to keep multiple husbands.

These locals shared their views on polyandrous marriage in South Africa. Images: Natala Khotha/Facebook, Hlayiseka T Mabunda/Facebook, Mampho Dlamini/Facebook Source: Facebook Mzansi had mixed reactions to the proposed amendment, with many celebrating the acknowledgement of women’s rights in SA. Still, others felt the act only contributed to a growing GBV culture.

Check out some reader comments below: Natala Khotha said: ”Women are already victims of GBV, now you add another law which allows them to marry more than one abuser, it will end in tears.” Musawenkosi Papie Sithole said: “It Is Not A Surprise We Now Live In The Days Of Sodom & Gomorrah & The Bible Has Foretold Us About Such Things.#Buya Nkosi Ujesu.” Liras KG: “As long as they marry men, meaning they pay for everything.

” Hlayiseka T Mabunda said: ” ‘Allowed’ is one thing. But women themselves should not allow themselves that. They should not fall for that. It is utter rubbish and so unnecessary. In the same breath, even polygamous relationships must be discouraged.”

If the husbands consent to it and are happy with it, I don’t see why not. Also, if we live in a gender-equal society then it must be allowed, anything men can do, women can also do it and anything women can do men can do it as well.

News reported that stereotypical dynamics in romantic relationships have often held human beings back from being their authentic selves.

One Gauteng man has asked Mzansi to put an end to these prescribed gender roles in a post that has since been liked hundreds of times on Twitter. The impassioned Twitter user, @Colourphuza took to the platform very matter-of-factly and wrote: “I want a relationship with no gender roles.

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