Minnie Dlamini Jones Finally Shows Baby Netha’s Face to the World

Minnie Dlamini Jones showed her precious baby boy, Netha’s face for the first time on social media on Mother’s Day.

Taking to her Instagram story to share a moment from her very first Mother’s Day, Minnie gave the public a glimpse of Netha’s facegosh, he is a total cutie! In the picture, it looks as if Minnie is sitting on her veranda having her special breakfast with her lil man as close as could be. Minnie seems to be in absolute bliss.

Young man pays tribute to family helper Minnie Dlamini Jones recently celebrated her very first Mother’s Day and she even let people see her baby boys face for the first time. Image: @minniedlamini.

Source: Instagram Briefly News previously reported that Minnie Dlamini Jones is the proudest momma bear whose whole heart belongs to her baby boy.

Minnie and Quinton took a great deal of time in naming their son, and she recently explained the meaning behind the beautiful name. Netha is the name Minnie and Quinton chose for their tiny prince, and it is simply perfect. As Minnie has been super transparent about her pregnancy, birth and baby, a fan decided to ask the gorgeous momma what ‘Netha’ means.

Responding to the fan’s question in the comment section on one of her social media posts, Minnie explained that ‘Netha’ is of isiXhosa culture and is derived from the word ‘kuyanetha’, which means ‘it is raining’ how beautiful?

It was also reported that Minnie Dlmaini Jones is loving being a mother. She recently took her baby bear Netha to the beach for the first time. It’s moments like these that make any sleepless night or napless day so worth it.

Watching the pure joy on her son’s face while he experiences the sand and ocean for the first time is something that Minnie would not trade for anything in the world. Sharing the precious moment on social media, Minnie expressed how taking Netha to the beach for the first time was more than just a moment, it was a spiritual blessing she wanted her son to get from the ocean.

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