Man Shows off His Style and Goes Viral With Over 2m Views

It isn’t every day you share a clip online and get over two million views well for some people it is. A young man recently unknowingly became an internet sensation after showing off his amazing style in an online clip.

This stylish man went viral. Images: @modsiwW Source: Twitter In the professionally edited clip, the handsome young man, who by the way says that he is a model, basically looks as if he is quickly slipping on various overly good-looking outfits effortlessly. “I started a trend hehe,” he captioned the wonderful post. Soon the post received over two million views and over one hundred thousand likes.

Many people also headed to the comment section to compliment him and ask for tips. Read a few of their thoughtful comments below: @Talkaboutshae said: “This video gets me every time! You did that bro Fire it’s just the way you added flavour! Literally the best video on the internet for 2021” @LowKeyTweep said: “THIS CANNOT BE A TREND.

NO ONE CAN MATCH THIS!” @Xaleguidry said: “Not a single person on this God damn earth could tell me shit if I pulled up to the function in this” @PrincessTennis9 said: “I love it!! I keep replaying it. Can you make the long version of this? I want to totally absorb the outfit. Like a minute per outfit.

Do a 180, so we can see side and back in slow motion for a whole minute, while it should be something completely normal and not even worth speaking about, a man wearing a dress has caused a big debate on Twitter where it was shared by Twitter user and parody account, @Advobarryroux.

Madoda he captioned the snaps of the dress-wearing man. Soon locals were in the comment section sharing their thoughts. A lot of them bizarrely believed the man was wearing a dress as part of some cult. Others shared comments about men who have always worn dresses.

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