Man Goes From Laying Foundations to Wearing Graduation Attire

A young man has left people in South Africa with many mixed emotions after he was seen working very hard mixing cement for a building’s foundation and then in a graduation cap and gown.

This young man went from working hard to graduating. While it was really great to see that the man worked so hard to achieve his dream, many people were concerned about the fact that the young man is now jobless and searching for an opportunity.

A graduate doing what needs to be done in order to put bread on the table… he’s a public relations graduate if you come across this. Please Rt as his bosses might be on your Tl,” the post was captioned.

Locals had this say: @Ramulondo_DR said: “How do you say to your kids that education is a key to success when graduates are going through this.

@TrevorMal said: “This should be a lesson to those going to Varsity to research which qualifications are in demand in SA and which ones are not and choose those that give them the greatest chance of employment or starting a business.” @chigubu_howard said: There is more money in construction…if he can master the trade he makes millions.

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