South Africa told to shut down its Israel Embassy

Earlier today, party representatives demanded the complete closure of Israel’s Embassy in South Africa. They are also lobbying for the removal of Mzansi’s Ambassador inside Israel, requesting for the delegation to return home.

The Zionist state of Israel is contemptuous of the Holy Ramadan fasting period to engage in international and abhorrent criminal conduct. We call on the South African government to close down the Embassy of Israel and recall our own representation from Tel Aviv. The statements issued by our party are irritating this is a time for decisive action.

Scores of citizens were wounded in new clashes Monday between Palestinians and Israeli security forces in Jerusalem as a planned march marking Israel’s 1967 takeover of the holy city threatened to further inflame tensions.

Hundreds of people are injured from the clashes” and about 50 were hospitalized, the Palestinian Red Crescent said about the latest unrest since violence escalated following the last Friday prayers of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan.

The clashes were the latest in days of the worst such disturbances in Jerusalem since 2017, fuelled by a years-long bid by Jewish settlers to take over nearby Palestinian homes in Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem.

The unrest of the past weeks in east Jerusalem, which Palestinians claim as their future capital, has multiple causes. Much of the recent violence stems from a long-running legal effort by Jewish settler groups to evict several Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah. A court ruling earlier this year backing the settlers’ claim to the plots angered Palestinians.

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