Simz Ngema Opens up About Becoming a Mother Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Simz Ngema became a mother for the first time during a global pandemic. Surrounded by uncertainty, the actress and songstress embarked on the new journey.

As Mother’s Day approaches on Sunday, Ngema has expressed that one of her biggest fears has been getting Covid-19 and not being able to take care of her boy. She said that it was a scary time for her initially as they did not know enough about the virus.

Simz also opened up about the advice she was given about parenthood. “I think people are quick to tell you about the challenges of new parenthood, but I’ve discovered many more facets to being a mom.

No one really tells you how fun it can be. I feel like I’ve gained a new little best friend with an amazing personality and the ability to learn incredible things each and every day! We have such fun together.

Simz expressed gratitude for the love and support she received from loved ones at the time of Tiyani’s arrival.

“My advice to people is to check in on those new moms in their families or communities! Motherhood is a full-time job, and it’s just wonderful when someone takes the time to acknowledge your new role and tell you that you’re doing a great job.

It can make all the difference to have cheerleaders around you.” READ ALSO “It took me 7 years”: Fresh optometrist celebrates graduation, dream job Talking about the balance between work and homelife, Simz said that she is blessed to have people around to help her when she is at work. Simz says that the best gift a mother can receive this Mother’s Day is a break.

Meanwhile, Briefly News previously reported that Simphiwe “Simz” Ngema is a Christian woman who is raising her son in her faith.

Simz’s little one was recently dedicated, and she could not be more proud. A dedication is a big thing for Christians, it is when the parents of a baby give the baby to God and welcome the baby to its faith. Simz feels it is an important ceremony and that is why Kemowas dedicated over the long weekend.

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