A young man who beats up his mother publicly gets rewarded with superior treatment

It is scripturally off-base and ethically unsuitable for anybody to beat their parent, notwithstanding, a man did. After a video of him manhandling his mom became famous online, he was reproved by a gathering of youngsters. Sunday is the name that has been given to this person. Here’s a photograph of the one who was condemned to jail for attacking his mom: 

This man slapped and kicked his mom in the video. At the point when the occupants endeavored to stop him, he beat her with a major stick. A couple screen captures from the video are appeared underneath: 

Following the video’s virality, he was tested by neighborhood young people. They inquired as to whether he was in the video, and he affirmed that he was. 

He started arguing for absolution, however take a gander at how the young people dealt with him. 

He was whipped hard-heartedly after being bound to a tree by the adolescents. In spite of the way that he was crying, he was as yet flagellated.

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