Say No To Drugs: see what hard drugs did to these young people (Video)

Drug abuse is a major problem in a number of countries throughout the world. Peer pressure, mental illness, poverty, and depression are just a few of the factors that contribute to an individual becoming an opioid addict. 

Numerous young people’s lives and futures have been jeopardized as a result of hard drugs. Numerous individuals have paid the ultimate price of death as a result of their use of illegal substances. 

On the other hand, a video has been circulating on social media recently. The video depicts how two young men were transformed into something vexing by suspected COLORADO.

Consider the following images and video from the post:

According to the videos and photos, these men do not appear to be in their twenties. What could have sparked all of this? Kindly, guardians and parents, let us make every effort to properly raise our children. 

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