Lufuno laid to rest, amidst tears, emotions and call for justice

While then Lufuno has been laid to rest, a while ago, she has impacted a lot of people’s lives. Ever since her whole story showed up on the internet, people have been touched by it and will probably never forget her and what she went through. The hashtag was pushed on all social media platforms, demanding that those that were responsible for Lufuno’s death be brought to justice. The principal was one of the people that failed Lufuno but no one was more responsible than Candy.

Candy is the one who was continuously and mercilessly bullying the poor 15-year-old girl. She was the one that had to face the claws of justice. She was arrested just a day after Lufuno took her own life and she has been in police custody ever since. Even though Lufuno has been buried, the case continues to this day. On Thursday the 29th of April, Candy was in court again to apply for bail but the heartbreaking story unravelled.

During this whole case, an investigator, who has been looking into this whole matter came in front of the court and told them that Candy’s life is at risk. The investigator said that he has been looking into the whole story and realized that releasing her on bail prematurely might put her life in danger. The investigator added that before she got arrested, she had to be rescued from a group of her schoolmates who were trying to attack her.

He said that the schoolmates wanted her to feel the pain that she caused to Lufuno, this is part of the reason she was arrested so that she is taken to a safe place. He said all of this to try and justify the fact that she shouldn’t be granted bail at all. If Candy is to be granted bail, she will have to go home and live with her mother, there is no telling what the community would do to her if she comes back while everyone is still worked up.

Even though the investigator has presented this case. The family still wants Candy to be bailed out as they believe that she needs to be protected from such a place. The bail hearing will be continuing on Thursday and by the end of the day, the whole of South Africa would know whether she will be given bail. The investigator wants her to stay while the family wants her out, but it’s all up to the judge.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think her life is truly in danger? Should she even be given such bail?

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