Watch: Uncle Vinny shuts down Braamfontein on his 19th birthday, Ricky Rick, Major League, Musa Keys, DBN Dogo, Zodwa WaBantu attended

Mzansi is still flaggerbasted how teenage sensation Uncle Vinny’s birthday celebration could pull such a massive crowd at Braamfontein Neighbour Goods Market.

It is not every day, you’d come across an artist with such a level of cult-like fans like we have seen on Uncle Vinny whose rise to fame still inexplainable.

Uncle Vinny has been popular since he was 13, his real fans have been following him since way back. They are the people that truly know his craft and will carry him through out.

Aside being a dancer Uncle Vinny majored in MC which he also interviews artists before and after performances.

He used to host parties in high school and would also get invited by rappers to their parties. Thats where he started pulling his crowd. The dance moves just put him on.

The Queue outside Neighbour Goods Market. Fans waiting to party with Uncle Vinny was very much as it stretches to outside the venue.

when Uncle Vinny arrived at Neighbourg Goods Market for his birthday celebration not many could recognize him because he covered himself with a mask.

Uncle Vinny completely dressed by Maxhosa concealing his identity with mask on

Musa Keys stepped on the stage

Shortly after, Vinny came on and performed

Fans reacting to Ricky Rick’s performance

DBN Gogo took over the stage and played Khuza Gogo.

Also in performed was Major League DJz performing with Vinny.

Ngiyazifela Ngawe at #Vinny’s party #Braam

Umcimbi Uhamba Ngolayini at #Vinny’s 19th party #Braam

Zodwa WaBantu spotted at #Vinny’s party

Happy Birthday to the young star.

However, it ended in tears as SAP didn’t hesitate to surround the venue at the end of the event.

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