MacG under serious criticism after he said “everyone’s f*cked Boity”

South African Podcaster MacG has come under serious criticism from people especially the Chillers due to his remark on Boity which many consider “disrespectful”

A lot of times, we say things before we think through them, and things we said can make or destroy a lot of things.

Therefore, we must be circumspect in our words as we can no longer retract once it leaves the mouth.

The podcast is usually unregulated and has no limit with which one could say his or her mind.
The spontaneity makes it original and also controversial as one tend to spill it all on the platform since it is unscripted.

During the show, a Chiller put MacG on a spot by asking him who he would marry among Bonang, Boity and Thando, and he was at first confused and later bared it all with a shocking response, suggesting that his problem with Boity is that, ” everyone has fxcked Boity”.

This rilled up the Chillers and the audience who were never in their wildest imagination would expect such from him.

The short clip made it to Twitter, which has triggered many reactions from people.

“What MacG said about Boity is disgusting. That was a vile comment. A lot of women walk around with self-esteem issues because of such comments, some go as far as committing suicide or having to relocate from one neighborhood to another. We grew up in the hood, we’ve seen this”

MacG in defence of his vitriol said,

“What’s the point of having a Podcast (with MacG ) if you can’t say what you feel?

You can’t treat these guys like radio and TV, no broadcasting standards”

We talk shxt for a living, they bound to offend someone, be it Boity or any of your fav.”

“MacG was outta line facts but alot of us out here acting like we don’t say such in convos when we’re with friends. The problem here is that he said that on such a big platform, HIS platform & there’s no Primedia to keep him in check”

“He went out of his way to shame Boity because Boity called him out on his bigotry. Fucking loser”

Meanwhile, some are having the fun of their life as they are getting back at Boity because of her previous comment about men when she described them as Coaches.

“Kana Boity once addressed yall as “roaches”….now MacG fired a single shot and thee “Roaches” are off to defend Boity🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 thats more than double standards”

Boity has not responded to this as she seems to be more focused on getting the bag and minding her business.

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