Dangerous Trend: Minors display intimate romance on social media

Wonders they say can never cease to happen, and in South Africa, it is just the beginning.

A picture emerged on social media showing two minors Male and Female in an intimate position with a caption that would melt any heart.

A boy named Chris Brown Yanga from Cape Town posted a picture with a caption gushing over his friend and described her as the best.

He went on and explained how she is always there for him and no matter what happens between them, she will always be in his heart.

She is the best❤💍

I love you inam mfazi wam you always there for me xa ndiku needer🤱😍❤💍😭no matter what happen between us mfazi wam you will always remain in my heart💍ndakuthanda inam wam my loml❤😭

This has left many in bewilderment as many are struggling to understand where this could be coming from.
Could there be an adult who is behind the scene prepping these minors who are supposed to be engaged with their assignment or they are doing these things all by themselves?

A little research into Yanda’s Facebook wall revealed that there seems to be a group of friends, probably from the same high school who are displaying their partners on social media and they are mostly minors.

This is very disturbing as this is a societal decadence that indicates that adults are no longer interested in training these kids on the right path in life.
We found other minor couples who openly display their romance with their bae on their wall.

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