Joshua Milton Blahyi, the man who fights naked and ate human flesh for power turned pastor

Joshua Milton Blahyi, better known as “The General Ass Naked” (Butt Naked) is one of the most grotesque characters of recent decades. An officer of the ULIMO, he became famous for fighting totally naked on the battlefield and for his enormous bestiality at the time of combat.

He believed that not wearing clothes when fighting gave him powers, as well as consuming human flesh and blood (preferably children). Blahyi actively participated in human sacrifices, especially infants, in honor of an entity he called Nyanbe-a-weh.

For this man, bloodbaths were essential in his life, both before and during combat. We could say that Blahyi is one of the most prolific serial killers that humanity has given, being accused of having killed at least 20 thousand people.

His sadism reached such that he killed as many civilians as he could every time his forces captured a village, all in the name of that deity whom he worshiped as Nyanbe-a-weh.

His favorite activity? eat little children’s hearts.Although he fought against Taylor’s forces, what motivated him in the combat were not ideological or religious causes, but the adrenaline of combat and the thirst for blood during the massacres.

He was so proud himself that he proclaimed himself “the most evil man in the world.”After the war, he embraced Christianity. According to him, Jesus personally spoke to him and he was redeemed for his horrible sins.

According to him, Nyanbe-a-weh was nothing more and nothing less than Satan himself, who possessed him.

And that he found the light with Jesus Christ.He is currently a preacher and travels through Liberia preaching peace and love, denouncing his old and brutal way of life.

In addition, Blahyi owns several NGOs with which it helps children in poverty and adolescents on drugs.

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