3 killers on a taxi: Gunmen shoot passenger and rob him of his firearm

Brazen killers who posed as passengers shot and killed a man inside a Khayelitsha taxi.

On Wednesday afternoon, the three men boarded the minibus which was on its way to Cape Town. When it left the taxi rank, their victim asked the driver to let him off.

The driver stopped at the Site C Fire Station where the thugs took out their guns and frightened passengers as well as the driver jumped out.

A witness says: “One of the suspects got into the taxi and sat next to the victim (blocking him), while the others were in different seats.

“The man was sitting on the bench behind the driver in the Toyota Quantum, and he is the one who told the driver to stop the car.

“And when the taxi stopped, guns were pulled out and they demanded a gun from the victim.

“When the man asked what gun, they shot him.”

The shocked passenger says when the shooting happened, they were all outside the van.

“The suspects searched him for the gun and they fled the scene on foot. The man died inside that taxi,” he says.

“This is really scary because these criminals didn’t even care that there were people in the minibus.

“And clearly they had been following him because no one could have known that man had a gun on him unless they know he is either a police officer or a security guard.”

Codeta Secretary General Andile Khanyi says he is aware of the shooting inside one of their taxis.

CONFIRM: Andile Khanyi

“This was not a taxi-related shooting, it was a random shooting which had nothing to do with us,” he says.

“I wish to confirm that the taxi is one of our own and our driver is safe, he ran out of the car during the incident.”

Police spokesperson André Traut says: “On Wednesday at around 3.10pm, an unknown male passenger was shot and killed inside a taxi on Lansdowne Road in BT Block, Khayelitsha, by unknown suspects who fled on foot after the incident.

“The circumstances are being investigated and the suspects are yet to be arrested.”

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