Xenophobia: Some South African warn companies employing foreigners in SA

South Africans threaten to visit all companies hiring foreigners instead of locals. The feud between foreigners and local South Africans continues, and it is like a bubble about to burst.

South Africans on Twitter are suggesting that they should visit every company that is employing foreigners especially undocumented migrants and Undocumented foreigners instead of locals in protest. They mentioned that they should not let this go on, this new idea came when a South African noted on Twitter locals always inquire from Zimbabweans whether there are any jobs available. They noted that Zimbabweans are always the first to know when jobs are available.

It is intensifying as arrangements are being made as some are saying that they should pick a date and visit these companies which are doing a disservice to South Africans. South African suffer as they are unemployed, but you will never come across an unemployed foreigner they are calling it betrayal by both traitor employers and traitor government departments.

They are calling for the setting of dates to fix it saying that it is not proper to have more Zimbabwean foreigners working than South Africans. 

They noted that that is against the law but the government is doing nothing about it. It has been suggested in the past by some foreigners that South Africans are just lazy as employment is there. However South Africans have refuted this claiming saying that they are not lazy but will not work for peanuts or be exploited like what foreigners are doing.

Another South African pointed out that one of the shops hiring foreigners is Spar saying that all the security guards are undocumented migrants from Zimbabwe. Another also lamented over how foreigners have taken over saloons, retails and shops in the CBD from South Africans. Things are set to intensify as tension rises and if this goes into action it might not end well.

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