Watch fight : Another school Learners bullying surfaces on the internet

learner fight again

Mbilwi High School at Sibasa in Venda has been trending ever since the video of Lufuno Mavhunga who was beaten up by her peers went viral. Whilst many people saw a fight between schoolgirls, a lot more saw bullying as the victim did not fight back but held on when she kept receiving slaps and was pulled by her hair until a male student tried to separate her from the perpetrator towards the end of the video.

It has been reported that Lufuno along with the school’s security guard reported the matter to the principal and she explained that she was receiving threats from the bullies and they were going to beat her up, but the princilal dismissed her and the guard and ordered the guard to go back to work and Lufuno back to class.

As the country is demanding justice for Lufuno and that the perpetrator be dealt with, another video that was captured at Mbilwi high school has gone viral. This time, it is not bullying but a real fight, as learners are seen kicking each other and beating each other up.

It is not clear exactly when the video was taken, but this has left many people shocked that the same school keeps getting into these scandals, which leaves Mzansi with no choice but to demand the shutdown of Mbilwi High School as it is clear that no child is safe there.

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Watch the video here:

Mzansi says that it is clear that learners have a lot of hate for each other at that school and they should get counselling. Some say that the school cannot be shutdown as it is the number one school in Limpopo and produces good results. One would wonder what is more important, the safety and wellbeing of the learners or good results? The government cannot turn a blind eye to these incidents. These learners need help.

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