A man discovered ritual in a bottle against a family in Qwaqwa Mountain

A Facebook user who went to QwaQwa mountain discovers many ritual materials with several shocking elements which include salt, Sugar, a letter that is addressed to a family.

He intended to stream the experience, life but was hampered due to poor Network but he eventually took some of the pictures and shared.

Anyway, this is what I came across a bottle with

  • Salt/sugar (not certain)
  • Eggshell,
  • Thin sticks
  • Yellow candle
  • Black plastic (opened the plastic)
  • There was a letter written (Oily letter) NKOMO FAMILY (Followed by curses)Curses

The letter contains several curses and evil wishes to the NKOMO family, including.

  • Nyopa ( Infertility )
  • Bofutsana ( Poverty )
  • Nyaope ( Drugs )
  • Lefu ( Death )

He went on and explained how they would be able to pray for the family, and also asked people to join in interceding for the family that is being spiritually caged.

“But one thing for sure me and the team I am joining hands at midnight as we pray for NKOMO FAMILY MARK 10:27FOR WHAT IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH MAN IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD🔥🔥LETS KEEP WATCH AND PRAY🔥YOUR BROTHER IN CHRISTSCELO”

A lot of people have been reacting to the ritual concoction, a spiritual person explained that “Yellow candle makes me wonder if it was really witchcraft… I highly doubt it, maybe they were just getting rid of their troubles as the Nkomo family…salt or sugar is used to give taste to food, eggs are a symbol of a new life about to begin…the oil could be from the candle as it melts…you just destroyed someone’s future.”

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