“Hitler committed no crime” Lushaba, DA rages

The DA will lodge a complaint against UCT lecturer, Lwazi Lushaba, with the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) following his racist comments regarding Adolf Hitler on a pre-recorded lecture. 

Reports confirm that Lushaba made the following comments:

Hitler committed no crime. All Hitler did was to do to white people what white people had normally reserved for black people.”

The Holocaust was unequivocally a crime against humanity orchestrated by Hitler. The DA therefore strongly condemns the comments made by Lushaba.

His comments were not only racist, offensive and vile, but also completely insensitive to the victims and survivors of the Holocaust and the Jewish community as a whole. 

South Africa’s Jewish community will today observe Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. In remembering the victims of the Holocaust, we must place a renewed sense of responsibility on those in positions of power and influence to defend the truth and to defend our democracy against any racist or anti-Semitic sentiments. 

Lushaba has a long history of offensive and controversial actions. In 2019, he allegedly took exception to one of the contender’s in UCT’s election of its Dean of Humanities being Tanzanian and not South African. In an interview with Power FM, Lushaba stated that “reason and rationality are white”.  Lushaba was also suspended by Wits back in 2015 for “participating in activities which were not conducive to free and fair elections and were intolerant to a democratic society”.

The DA has taken note that UCT will probe Lushaba’s comments and we urge the institution’s Vice-Chancellor Mamokgethi Phakeng to place him on suspension pending the investigation.

Political Science. It takes heat like to do to white people, because all Hitler did Hitler committed no crime. All he did was to do to white people, what white people had reserved for us, black people. And so he’s crime he had a crime was to do unto white people. What White people had thought was right to do only to black people. And so, we must see the hollow cast in exactly the same way that we must see the massacre of the Herero people, in exactly the same way, we must see the Queenstown massacre, and several other massacres that happened across the continent. We must not privilege, one massacre over the others. But you know why we privilege one over others, it is because more than disciplinary knowledge privileges that one because as we’ve just seen the institutional approach became delegitimize simply because it was unable to preempt white people killing each other. Hitler killing the Jews, that it was not able to preempt white people killing black people in Namibia and in South Africa seems not to matter in its life. Okay, so we’ve made the point sufficient. The institutional approach becomes dominant from the 1920s until the 1930s until Hitler does to white people what white people had reserved for black people. So what this shows us is the fact that the forward movement of the discipline has never been informed by the lived experiences of black people, but rather by the lived experience of white people, because it is when white people die, that the discipline shows any forward movement. When clever people die. It is not. So the legal, institutional approach became delegitimize as a result of its failure to preempt what Hitler did to white people.

Dr Lushaba

The Cape SA Jewish Board of Deputies has described comments by Professor Lwazi Lushaba regarding Adolf Hitler as hate speech. The University of Cape Town has launched an investigation into comments allegedly made by Lushaba that Adolf Hitler ‘committed no crime’.

Meanwhile a lot of people have tried to rationalise his position by drawing a parallel to what Colonial masters did to Africans.

Dr Lwazi Lushaba teaches Political Science from an African perspective. The 1904 genocide in Namibia wasn’t a crime because Blacks weren’t human in law. Same was true during WW2, therefore ‘Hitler committed no crime, all he did was do to Whites what was reserved for Blacks.’


From slavery, colonialism to this day being black does not constitute being human. European epistemologies excludes us from humanity. Dr Lwazi Lushaba is actually protesting against colonial education/ knowledge.

De Klerk said Apartheid was NOT crime against humanity while Helen Zille said colonialism was not all bad & nothing happened to them. Dr Lwazi Lushaba said Hitler committed no crime & nothing should happen to him. Anyone who is offended by Hitler’s actions should just get over it.

So the “stop living in the past” gang are very upset because Dr Lwazi Lushaba said Hitler commited no crime. All Hitler did was to do to white people what white people had normally reserved for black people. I thought this was in the past & they should move on like they tell us.


From the Wits student Dlamini to the UCT lecturer Lushaba, the positive referencing of Hitler is more than attention-seeking behaviour by the intellectually vacuous. They reveal the utter depravity of the public discourse on university campuses today


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