Zimbabwean journalist insults South Africans, calls them a bunch of idiots

South Africans have been calling for the retrenchment of the journalist, Peter Ndoro because he is a Zimbabwean not cause he came to the country illegally but just because he is a Zimbabwean. However some Zimbabwean journalist have called the South Africans calling for his retrenchment idiots as they have a Chinese in their parliament but are seeing it fit to push out a fellow black man because he is a Zimbabwean. The #RetrenchPeterNdoro hashtag show their foolishness said the Zimbabwean journalist citing that he has all they want a Black African with legal documents kicked out.

It has been something the South Africans have been pushing for for a while all they want is for Zimbabwean journalist Peter Ndoro who works for the South Africa broadcasting cooperation to be retrenched all because of his nationality. He has done nothing wrong, he possesses all the required legal documents but they are calling for his retrenchment. Some have given note to the fact that other South Africans were retrenched while foreigners were spared. 

Victoria, the chairperson of South Africans First political party has come out guns blazing also attacking the Zimbabweans saying that why should they weigh in on how South Africans run their country yet they get arrested for yawning in their country. She went on to point out that they drove of the white people then called them back and compensated them and now the are giving the land that they took from the whites to the Chinese who are building a parliament for them.

She noted that you have become to many when you compare them to Chinese and you do not add value to the country except for the teachers but most of you fill up the retail sector with no skill that South Africans are not having. Zimbabweans have also noted that all xenophobic South Africans are blacks and have saw it fit to rather work blame all black foreigners for all their problems. They also made emphasise that South Africa could not be what it is today if it was not for Zimbabwe

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