Female learner sent provocative messages to her male teacher On WhatsApp (read chats)

Some people say ‘ charity begins at home ‘ Its funny how a lot of parents do not seem to see to it that they educate thier teenage girls how to conduct themselves around man.Especially older man and as soon as when things get bad the very same parents are quick to come out and paint the males with the bad brushes.

It is no secret that a lot of man out there are not that good at resisting temptations by a woman whether young or old. So with things being that way, it’s important for parents to teach their teenage girls not to do certain things around the man but parents are not doing so and things end up getting out of hand.

For example look at what some teenage girl said and sent her male teacher on WhatsApp.

Although a lot of you can say that there is nothing wrong here for the girl seems to be fully grown judging by the size of the picture she sent.Truth is a teacher is not allowed to have any romantic relationships with a learner be it outside the school premises or wherever and it seems like it is what the young lady is suggesting in this chats.

Although such things have been happening in our communities and teachers has been taking the blame for it over the years.Truth is sometimes it is not the teacher which start all this but your very own kids who heads all this because we did not do the right thing as parents when this girls were growing.

As parents and elder sister’s let us all go and sit our younger sister and educate them about the importance of dating within their age range.

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