Devil At Work” See what this pastor told his church members to do so that the holy ghost can enter

A lot of people have gone through many unthinkable act in the name of miracle and holy spirit. People hav esubjected themselves to a srious caricature by these so called men of god, pastors or prophets.

These fake Pastors or Prophets have taken undue advantage of the gullibility of the members to perpetrate an evil act in order to continue to keep them under their loyal spell. Christianity has been bastardized with many of these miracle merchants, who defraud their members under the guise of so many ridiculous names.

These Photos are trending on line as those yet-to-be diagnosed church individuals are bare at the ground watching and waiting for the ‘Holy Ghost’ to go into them. In the snap shots, the pastor can be visible stepping on a number of the individuals mendacity at the ground.

Others additionally blasted the church contributors for foolishly adhering to inclusive of an absurd coaching including that Christians have to every so often use their not unusualplace sense.

See the pics below:

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