BREAKING: President Cyril Ramaphosa to address the nation tonight at this time

We are a few days away to celebrate the Easter holidays. People will be travelling to Their respective families from Thursday night to eat Easter with their families. Many Christians and other religions will gather on Friday to eat supper at their churches. Many people are worried about the transmission of the Covid-19 over Easter weekend since people Will be travelling and gatherings.

The president of the Republic of South Africa announced yesterday on his social media platforms that he will give an address regarding the Covid-19 issue in the upcoming days.

The president Announced that he will address the country tonight at 7pm. Encanews confirmed the news. The address will be televised on SABC 2, DSTV 404 and South African several Radio station at 7pm. Tune in to listen to the president on what he will be addressing regarding Covid-19.

To stop the spread of COVID-19 cases, wash your hands with soap all the time, sanitize your hands, keep social distance In public and wearing a mask should be mandatory

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