Two boys raped by a male teenager

A MUM was horrified when her 10-year-old son and his 12-year-old friend said an older boy in the neighbourhood had been raping them.The 29-year-old mum from Klipgat, North West, said after the boys made the shocking revelation in March 2020, she rushed to inform the other boy’s mother.

She said they reported the matter to the police immediately but a year later, no case has been opened and the boys have never received counselling or been checked by the doctor. The mother said the boys told them they were repeatedly raped by the 16-year-old between 2019 and 2020. She said they went to the teenager’s home, and he confessed, saying he wanted to feel what an old man near his home felt when he slept with him.“We took the boy to the police, and he confessed, but the officer didn’t even bother to open a case,” she said.

The mother said the officer later told them there was no case as there was no evidence.“We were shocked because the boy had confessed. Had the officer taken our sons to the doctor, they would have seen that they were violated,” she said.

The mother said her son used to be friendly but had become violent and angry.“He doesn’t want to go to the shops because he’s scared he will bump into the perpetrator.“When I talk about cops, he gets angry and tells me he doesn’t want to hear anything because they sided with the rapist.” The mums said they feared their sons would also turn into rapists.“We need the police to do their job. The boy who raped our children was clearly also raped. And, the person who started this is walking free while our children carry the burden,” she said.

North West police spokesman Brigadier Sabata Mokgwabone said the matter was investigated by the sexual offence unit and that no arrests had been made.“Regarding the allegations surrounding counselling, the families are advised to see the station commander to lodge a formal complaint,” Mokgwabone added.

JMPD spokesman Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said it’s alleged that a JMPD officer had to attend a funeral in Limpopo this past weekend when his younger brother managed to steal his service pistol and his private vehicle.He said it’s further alleged that the younger brother then drove to his cousin’s house in Ga Batsea Limpopo, where the suspect took a young woman into nearby bushes.”

Members of the community heard gunshots and called the SAPS. When SAPS arrived, the younger brother of the officer grabbed a second woman and her daughter, and took them hostage.” said the top cop.” The suspect also shot and killed the second woman, and wounded the teenage girl in one of her hands” added Minnaar.

Minnaar said the suspect took cover inside a nearby house and starting to shoot SAPS members. They returned fire and killed the suspect.” The murders and shooting of the teenage girl will be investigated, as well as to how the younger brother of the officer managed to steal the service pistol,” he said.Minnaar said the off-duty officer is also being investigated for negligence by the Independent Police Investigative Directive (IPID).

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