Have a look at what the Ndebele man was wearing underneath the blanket, is it inappropriate?

Yesterday there were so many arguments on whether the man who was told he is dressed inappropriately at the Midrand (boulders) mall was being bullied or not. There are people who only saw the back of the man who was being told to leave the mall because of his Ndebele traditional wear. 

The man who was addressing him said he was the Boulders mall manager, and wanted the man out of his mall. The whole event took place at Clicks. Is has been reported that Clicks chased the manager out, and apologized to the manager who was wearing the Ndebele gear. 

So many people said the mall manager has lost his African identity and has adopted the western ways of doing things. Some said he thought he was better than everyone because he was wearing a suit. The manager was told where to get off by those who were taking a video. Others took to social media to show people what he was looking at, and they argued that the man was indeed dressed inappropriately. What is your view on this? 

Are Africans not allowed to be Africans in Africa? Does this mean Africans only have to put on their traditional wear during special/ specific events? 

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