Watch : Primary School pupil assaults his teacher in a class

The pupil has caused a stir on social media for throwing an object at his teacher in class. A lot of people are saying that he needs to be disciplined very decisively because such behaviour is not tolerated in African culture where they are taught with so much respect and are not supposed to behave this way.

As can be seen what is happening from the video it is believed that the classroom was making their own papers and then they started going through the papers then went through them, after which the learner started seeing his bad results and he flipped out and was very upset he even confronted the teacher who refused to explain to him why he was getting such bad results that is when he decided to get out of the classroom.

But before he could completely get out of the Classroom he decided that he wanted to cause a lot of Commotion, and he proceeded to throw the papers he wrote from the teacher he went to the front of the Classroom picked up a dustbin that was filled with papers and some other trash from the classroom, and threw it at the teacher before kicking down the fire extinguisher and his last act of bravery, and then he stormed out of the classroom in a somewhat heroic way.

Do you think he deserves to be punished or pardoned?

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