Allegedly the inmate on the trending prison video was sentenced in 2008

According to Breaking News SA the inmate on the trending prison video was sentenced in 2008. He is serving for life for rape, robbery, housebreaking, attempted murder and attempted rape.

A shocking video of a female prison wader who is shown in full uniform seemingly relaxed as an entire intimate videotape was being taken with an inmate made rounds on social media since the past week.

The spokesperson of the KwaZulu-Natal Department Of Correctional Services, Singabakho Nxumalo said that it is not true that the inmate and the prison wader are married, this story is said to have been made up by social media detectives who went through the now-deleted Facebook account of the officer and made up a story that the inmate was her husband.

Nxumalo also dismissed the rumours that the inmate had killed herself after the incident.

So what about the reports that he is a pastor? Well it is yet to be confirmed

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