Racism? White talent show perfomer, impersonates Nomcebo with black face

Nomcebo is been trending not for a new song or project, but something she has no answer to, which she is probably asking herself why is she trending this time?

There are mixed reactions over a performance carried out by a white lady who performed the viral Jerusalema, which she featured Master KG at a talent show, but the song is not what they have a problem with the problem is deciding(impersonate her) copy her look. And they feel that is wrong and racists.

They even decided to call on the president to come and sort this out because it’s uncalled-for. It’s enough that she is white used the song but impersonating her was out of line. Below are some comments from Twitter of how they feel about what she did.

Apparently in that show you must look like the person you chose to sing his or her song and it’s not only Nomcebo, it’s all singer’s.

Nomcebo Nothule Nkwanyana born 28 October 1985 also known as Nomcebo Zikode, is a South African singer and songwriter. Born in Hammarsdale, Zikode was a backing singer for several years. She has collaborated with DJ Ganyani on their hit single “Emazulwini” (2017), she was even featured in one of the popular and award-winning songs Jerusalem by Master KG.

Do you sincerely think this is racism and should not be tolerated?

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