Eminem is not relatable, I can body him! Nasty C brags

South African rapper Nasty C took to his insta live to tell the whole world that he can spank Eminem, thr Rap God, who many consider a legend in the industry.

The Zulu Man With Some Powers think otherwise, as he boldly stated clearly why he thinks he can body Eminem.

“I can spank Eminem. The reason I say this cause recent Eminem is not really relatable. He is dope and bars are out of this world, but he is not relatable. If you are a rapper, you go crazy over it, if you are the normal person it’s like you get at the end of the verse, and you are like ‘what he just said? What the f**k was that.’ Me, on the other hand, I can do both. I can totally make no sense to a normal person or I can be super relatable. I can spank Eminem. I know you guys don’t believe that but don’t doubt me like that, dawg”, said Nasty C.

A lot of reactions have trailed the claim on social media, while some agree with him, many think he is looking for cheap attention.

Tell us, what do you think about the claim from the coolest kid in Africa?

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