Is A-Reece the problem or the victim?

There seems to be trouble in the paradise, as the Hip Hop SA is about to witness a crack as A Reece hit maker Mashbeatz has unfollowed him on social media, thereby springing up suspicion of their fracas which has thrown the fans into serious confusion.

Also noticable by fans was “Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory: the Mixtape by A-Reece has been removed from Apple Music, as Mashbeatz no longer follows A-Reece on Twitter and Instagram.

A lot of people have suggested that REECE is really the problem as his claims that people hate him is fake and unfounded. This I evidence when KWESTA once said “Bouy nobody hates you, you got to pull up ur socks” telling reece. And reece he was like “They dissing me” while Kwesta was trying open his eyes.

Another opinion suggests that A Reece was the reason why Nasty C effort to broker peace was aborted. Cassper stepped in and was tried to broker peace but A Reece frustrated the move and ensured the reconciliation didn’t happen.

A Reece in said that “if I got mash then I’m covered ,nothing can come between or above us they scared stiff of what the next move is ” now he’s no longer covered, whatelse are we expecting from him?

It is time for MashBeatz to move on to another level as he has so much potential to stay producing music for only one person.

The suspicion emanated when A Reece made a tweet suggesting that one can only trust the mom and no one else.

There is also rumour that A-Reece found out Mash slept with Rickell Jones.

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