Watch! female prison warder caught on camera digging it out with a male prisoner

A video of a prison warder and a prisoner doing some very despicable things have surfaced on the internet. People cannot believe that such things would happen in a correctional service more especially because it’s f on a person who is supposed to be enforcing the law. The issue continues being that people are asking different questions as to what really happened in the video and if everything was consensual and agreed upon.

Some people have claimed that the prisoner might have forced the warder into doing such a sexual act in front of a camera. According to these people, the women seemed very uncomfortable thought the whole video, this gives them a reason to believe that someone will as actually up. These people might have just seen a short version of the video and believed that to be true, but the full video shows something totally different. It shows what happened from start to end.

It can be seen that the warder saw the prisoner start the video and finish it, this is an indication that the camera was not hidden at all. At the end, the prisoner helps her get dressed, and she didn’t even fight, this again shows consent. Some believed it was blackmail but a recent article from Sowetan has debunked those beliefs. This newspaper talked directly with the prison where the video was taken.

The spokesperson of that correctional facility stated that the two agreed to have intercourse, and it was a very despicable act. It continued to say that the warder is now officially going to get disciplined for her actions. There was no pint in the article where it stated that the warder said she was forced, in fact, she has agreed to undergo the disciplinary action.

The spokesperson also said that the prisoner will also undergo harsh punishment for what they did. According to the spokesperson, this is an act that is punishable by law. The prisoner is definitely going to get a hard time in the prisoner from now on. The strange part is that the law seems like is against the warder more than it is on the prisoner. The problem continues to be the fact that the warder as suppose to be enforcing the law, hence she might be liable for a greater punishment than the prisoner.

The story of the disciplinary procedure for the tow is still under way, people will be updated on the matter as more information is provided.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think the warder should get more punishment than the prisoner?

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