Check out the husband of the Female Prison Warder that was caught on camera

A sex tape of a female warden and an inmate has been circulating on social media prompting many people to react to what is deemed completely “disgraceful“.

The Department of Correctional Service is expected to decide the fate of the female warden that was filmed engaging in a sexual activity. It this believed that this incident took place at a prison in Kwazulu-Natal.

Parts of of the video have been shared on social media showcasing the entire explicit activity. The female warden and the innate were passionately making out in an office until the innate gave her the key to lock the door. However it’s obvious that the woman wasn’t aware that she was being filmed the entire time.

The release of the video has caused lot of stir on social media with many people criticizing the woman for risking everything for a man who’s stuck behind bars. As for the inmate, the critics got even personal as they took aim at his “skills”.

Furthermore people have been left curious to know the identity of the woman in the video. As usual, the Twitter detectives did their job and dig out some information about the warden.

Rumor has it that the official is married to the innate. A picture of them taken on their wedding day was even shared on Twitter confirming that they are indeed a couple.

This new revelation left many people in awe. But still, despite the fact that the warden and innate are married, others felt like there was a need to weigh on the matter. This is what people have been tweeting.

“If she is really married to him, she’s not guilty to us citizens…but the code of conduct for wardens, it doesn’t allow them to have such with prisoners.”

“But yanong why did the husband take a video of him and his wife doing the dee? WHY! Now her wife might lose her job, aowa mahn.”

“I’m sho it was made viral by cellamates. In prison a phone is shared by the whole cell sometimes.

“I’m wondering what kind of a man secretly record himself and his wife have sex it just doesn’t make sense.”

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