South Africans attck Black Coffee for inviting Themba ( Euphonik) to an event

South Africans have taken to social media has called out the International DJ Black Coffee for inviting Euphonik to an event he organized titled Deep In The City, where he used his other name Themba.

This sparked reactions from online users who accused him of enabling rape and gender-based violence by having the accused in the line-up.

You will recall that a few months ago, Black Coffee wanted to organize a march against GBV, which was raging in the country but was rejected by women who insisted that he doesn’t qualify to lead such action.

Black Coffee is seen as a huge influence in society and should not be found supporting or abetting any form of abuse against women in society.

Meanwhile, a lot of people are still in doubt about the veracity of the the name Themba as some belive it could be someone else.

But every evidence which are empirical enough is pointing finger at Euphonik, as you may recall that in 2018, he dropped an EP which he titled “Who is Themba”

Also, his recall name is Themba Mbongeni Nkosi, which he also took the decision to change his name to Themba. There are many reasons for this change and for Euphonik he did it, so it could fit the international ‘sound’.

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