After they’ve done chasing foreigners, they will come for Venda, Sotho, Pedi and Xhosa people”

On Monday, 8 March, it was reported that the MKMVA have allegedly attacked Foreign-owned shops in Durban. According to News24, after their shops got attack there was some retaliation, and there were some injuries as a result.

What transpired:

The news that the MKMVA have allegedly attacked Foreign owned shops in Durban prompted many people to react with mixed reactions. On social media platforms, particularly on Twitter, people engaged in heated debate about the incident that took place in Durban. For many years, the issue of Xenophobic attacks in South Africa have been occupying people’s attention. Many reasons have been given as to why there’s rise in Xenophobic attacks in South Africa. And most of the the reasons are fairly known by almost everyone, so there’s no need to reiterate those reasons here.

Nowadays, people are using social media platforms to dissect and debate about many serious that affect the masses of people on the ground. People are no longer using social media platforms to socialize only, but also to educate and share crucial information that will uplift many people.

After they’ve done chasing foreigners, they will come for Venda, Sotho, Pedi and Xhosa people:

After seeing what was happening in Durban, a Gentleman who goes by the name Njoko on Twitter, decided to put a tweet that many people considered it to be a thought provoking tweet. To some considerable extent, Njoko’s utterances have somewhat forced people to reexamine some of the recent events that have taken place in South Africa.

Njoko uttered the following on his official Twitter account “If you are happy about the KMVA chasing foreigners out of the Durban CBD one day they’ll come for Sothos, Vendas, Tswanas, Xhosas, etc. Once they are done they’ll come for Zulus who are not linked to a certain ANC faction. The ANC membership card will not be enough.”

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