Qwabe Twins reveal who they are dating

Since bursting onto the scene through season 15 of South African Idols, the 23-year-old Qwabe Twins Viggy and Virginia have become Mzansi’s fan favourites with their majestic voices.

After allegations of vote rigging and bullying rocked the SA Idols headquarters, their dramatic exit on the show left many people shaken. This comes after Viggy withdrew from the competition after her twin sister was eliminated.

Despite being bullied by Sneziey, who was one of the contestants on the show, the talented musicians believe the show has changed their lives to this point.Qwabe Twins

“At first, we were worried about how people would react to our decision to leave the show while it was still running, but we were pleased to find that our fans welcomed us warmly.

Since then, Viggy and Virginia have accomplished something that most people can only hope to achieve in their lifetime. DJ Tira’s record label AfroTaiment has now signed the duo, which comes after the music producer previously expressed interest in signing them.

They claim they enjoy being signed to the prTira, who has discovered several up-and-coming artists in the industry and turned them into household names, has faced mounting allegations in the industry, accusing him of exploiting artists, but the duo claims these are false rumors.Qwabe Twins

“We’ve discovered that the majority of what people say is just nasty rumors. Dj Tira has made a significant contribution to our career; we now have an album and our brand is thriving, so what more could we ask for? The musicians behind the smash hit Hamba claim that the song helped them resurrect their careers.

“We do believe that Hamba made us believe that we had landed in the music industry, but we were praying for our big break at the time, but the song changed our minds to do even more music for people because of the love we were receiving.”

Viggy and Virginia have just released their debut album, The Gift Of Love, which features Maskandi star Ntencane, Character, and a slew of other artists.

Qwabe Twins

We have a lot of love for each other, but that doesn’t mean we’re dating each other like sisters.” The twins went on to say that while they don’t mind polygamous marriages, they will never share a husband.

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