Breaking: Zuma in big trouble as date in court to determine his 2-Year Jail term Decided

It has been a long time coming for the former president of South Africa Jacob Zuma and his case against the state enquiry commission. The whole country knows that for the past two months has been defined the summons to show up at the commission and testify about his involvement in the whole state capture enquiry during his time as president of South Africa. Two weeks back the commission asked the Concorde 2 to have the former president jailed for his defiance and no one thought it was going to be accepted, but it has.

The whole of South Africa is shocked at the matter because just yesterday Zuma’s lawyers released a statement that Zondo had taken advantage of his power when he decided on the 2-year jail time. He wanted the concord to break normal rules just for the former president. It was said on the constitution that contempt of court is a 6-month jail time thing but Zondo wants it to be a whole 2 years. This seemed a little personal as he seems to be going against the law.

This news provided by News24 on Monday the 1st of March 20-21. According to the article the Concorde has decided on the date of the 25th March to have the case of the former president Jacob Zuma in court. This is a definite win or at least a first win for the commission as everyone thought that the request will be rejected because of its unfairness. It seems that the Concord was able to be persuaded into breaking the rules and allowing such a case to even see Court. Jacob Zuma now has his days numbered as a free man.

The whole of South Africa is aware of the fact that if Zuma goes to court and loses this case he will definitely see himself imprisoned for a whole 2 years. Jacob Zuma seemed very confident and the way he was gonna fight this case but now that the court has surprised him with allowing the request for such an absurd case to see Court he is now in a predicament. This will be one of the first times that the President of the new democratic South Africa goes to prison after the country got its freedom in 1994.

Everyone is now waiting to see what exactly will happen at the hearing of this case on the 25th of March. Will the concord be biased enough to take the stance with the Zondo and his state enquiry or will the former president being his A-game and get away with breaking the law once again. The former president has already voiced his opinion about the fact that the justice system of the country was very weak when it comes to dealing with those that break the law. Will he take advantage of this knowledge and escape jail?

South Africa now waits for let’s than 3 weeks to see exactly what will happen to the Zuma vs Zondo saga. It’s been a rollercoaster but it seems the ride will be coming to an end soon.

What is your take on the matter? Who do you think will win this?

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