“What are we going to call this”? Watch mature ladies fight on a busy road

“What are we going to call this”? Let’s see how these grown women fight each other on a busy road.

 It is worrying that two responsible individuals, who better understand life are joining in. street fighting is not necessary just for nonsense .

 Today many people see fighting in the neighbourhood as a tradition in and around the streets of Africa and even here in South Africa but do not take into account its risks and how it violates the rights of others. However, I would like to use this opportunity to urge every South African to use diplomacy and compromise to resolve conflicts instead of going to war with each other directly. 

 This comes after a story about two women. women have videos After they are caught exchanging punches in the face is trending across the Internet. However, when being hanged before hitting the middle of the lane, the problem did not begin at the scene.

 However, as the woman pushed her opponent in white and black, trouble began happening. Immediately, a fierce battle broke out to attract the attention of passers-by. 

I am concerned, however, that this mentality has been demonstrated among many of our people here in South Africa. We shared a scenario where we want to create a video instead of separating two warriors.

As online, this is the moment of the fight; 

What can you do about it? 

In the comment box, feel free to express your thoughts to let you know what you are thinking. follow.

 The way women seem to fight on the streets, on the streets and everywhere they see fit is heartbreaking. slim one between the two of them as he punched her. The thin woman was able to stand up, it was her turn to sit down and the big lady slapped her all the time. The obese woman had to pull her hair back in retaliation.

 The idea that spectators would still come and watch them fight was frightening, and no one would recover long enough to enter the war. Instead, they inspire them and shoot them when they fall apart and post on social media sites. 

 How do mature women feel so embarrassed? 


 woman who fights in public like a girl is called a peacemaker. I’m curious what’s happening now that makes them act positively. To watch the 

o video, there is a link here. 

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