A minor returned with a gun, after the Teacher chased her out of the Class

Many people say wonders shall never end, well it’s All true, Here is a Story of a what a Learner did that got people talking.

This Wednesday, February 17, 2021, students and educators attended a dramatically unusual event in a school in Nigeria. A young student went to school with a gun to shoot her teacher who ordered her to cut her multicoloured locker hairstyle. 

Delinquency in schools is at its height. The more the days go by, the more we see far more amazing and dramatic cases. Yesterday Wednesday, a student carried out a terrorist act that freaked out so many people. Indeed, she is a 14-year-old student who attends a public school called Ikot Ewa in Okpabuyo, Nigeria.

However, not having appreciated this idea at all, this young student of 14 years would certainly have had the nerves with flowers of skin after this incident. So after unwittingly getting rid of her beautiful haircut, the latter immediately turned around at school, but this time with a fully loaded pistol in an attempt to shoot her teacher down for it forced to cut his hair.

Fortunately for the professor, students who were following the scene on loan, grabbed the young girl from behind and tore her gun. The latter was subsequently arrested by the police who immediately took her to their premises so that she could answer for her actions. In addition, investigations are underway in order to clarify this matter.

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