Candice Modiselle Moved By The Love Bontle and Priddy Ugly Share

The two will go down history as one of the best celeb couples we have had in SA. Bontle and Priddy have been together for over a decade and are still going strong. The beautiful couple is currently on social media trends after they shared their inspirational love story. They opened up about intimate details about their love life on the latest episode of DEFINING LOVE​ YouTube channel.

The episode touched a lot of people, and the couple immediately trended. One of those moved, is Bontle’s younger sister, Candice Modiselle. Just like most of us, the media personality and actress is a big fan of the Moloi family. There was even a time when Candice took to Twitter to defend Bontle’s marriage after troll comes for the couple. That’s just how much she loves this couple and believes in their love.

After watching the DEFINING LOVE​ episode that features Bontle and Priddy Ugly, Candice could not help but gush over the kind of love her siblings share. Unlike most fans, Candice has had the privilege of seeing the two start their relationship twelve years ago.

Just watched @BontleModiselle & @ItsPriddyUgly’s ep of #DefiningLove….I’ve had the greatest blessing of watching this love unfold from day 1 but man, I’m forever in awe of how intentional God has been in handpicking them for each other. I’m WEEPING,” Candice said.

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