Watch: Old Racist Nonagenarian woman rascially assults black caregiver in a video

Racism is a very bad thing that has affected the people of colour all the world and has attracted so much condemnation across every sane place.

Black people have been subjected to several form of dehumanisation over the decade and has not properly and decisively deal with the issue in a very convincing manner.

What consistently plays out is the performance of those in the position of power who express little or no concern over the matter, rather they play kids glove over the issue.

In this clip, the caregiver who is a black woman was seen enduring the harassment from the Old Racist Nonagenarian woman who wouldn’t let the caregiver do her job, while she spits on her in a very humiliating manner as if the black woman doesn’t deserve to live or exist in the first place.

Watch Below

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