How Zuma and Malema tea meeting ended

The most anticipated meeting over a tea cup has come and gone with sommuch conversation on the tea.

We have never been so much interested in twa meeting till this very day.

Who would have thought that a day would come when Zuma and Malema would put their differences behind and meet for a common goal.

EFF leadership did what many thought would have been impossible, which is uniting Zuma and Malema in the interest of the constitutional democracy.

It started with a tweet from Julius Malema, who requested for a tea meeting from former president, Jacob Zuma, who is under serious investigation over corrupt practices.

Masina, Malema & Zuma

In an interview with the press, the spokesman of EFF, Mr Pambo Vuyani was asked by journalists about the end point of the meeting.

He intentionally avoided every single question thrown at him why saying so much words with no response to the subject of the meeting.
In a short press, he responded when asked how the meeting went with ridiculous emphasis on the tea taste and temperature.

The meeting went very well. The tea was nice and sweet and very hot so you know the practice of having tea. Besides that, you know, it’s a slow process.

You can’t just go on like you drink other things. So you have to take your time. But what essentially what it was, it was a meeting that the President was meeting the former president. So the CIC, The commander in chief Julius Malema was meeting with the president the former President Jacob Zuma.

Journalist asked him ” So you now regard him as a president and former president how time has changed since you said this was a monument of corruption”

Well, it remains the former president. That’s a more legalistic sort of way of responding. And they are making a point now for the former President Jacob Zuma met with the commander in chief over tea.

So will former president Zuma is Going to the state capture Commission of Inquiry?

Well, I’m not the spokesperson of the former president, I am the spokesperson of the E FF, we actually came here to tell you that the tea went very well.

Vuyani you spoke about how you’ve traveled far you’ve come out with a good heart. Yes. Tell us about how great and wonderful the tea is. Would you tell us in some confidence into what the discussions are on constitutionality, considering that you came from afar?

He responded; I fully understood, you know as I explained how the meeting went. It was a meeting over tea, a very nice tea that we had with the former president. You know that black people do not need permission to meet. We meet anytime, anywhere. And we’ve got the constitutional rights to meet. So we came here to meet the former president. As we were invited, unlike you.

Mr Pambo, what was the discussions and substance of the meeting of President Zuma, Julius Malema, was is it about the constitution or the inquiry also the presence of senior counsel advocate Golembo in this place, was it as his capacity as a senior counsel or his capacity as a CCC member of the E FF?

Well, he came as a plus one, became accompanying the president the commander in chief Julius malema, as I did as well, we accompanied the president. That’s why we’re here.

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