Watch: Two Chubby Ladies fight brutally in broad daylight

In footage that was got from the social media platforms, Twitter, two thick ladies are seen battling each other openly with nobody to stop them. These two ladies were found in the video trading clench of hands against each order.

When swarms of people surrounded to observe the scene, they wouldn’t disengage these two ladies yet rather a portion of individuals who had assembled were seen drawing out their mobiles and recording the two husky ladies battling one another. 

Watch the video here

This is a real shock to many people because they don’t have the foggiest idea what probably caused the battle between these two chubby ladies yet whatever the case, they shouldn’t be seen battling each other in general society as they are just carrying disgrace and shame to themselves. 

Likewise, we will jump at the chance to call attention to that it has now become a standard for individuals to show “I don’t mind demeanour” at whatever point women are seen battling one another.

Rather than individuals around to isolate the women from battling, they will rather draw out their telephones and begin recording. This is an extreme negative behaviour pattern, and it should stop.

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