Khanyi Mbau deeply in love with a fugitive hiding from Zimbabwe

Khanyi Mbau is reported to be deeply in love with a fugitive hiding from Zimbabwe. Khanyi Mbau is one celebrity who has been plagued by drama and the picture of her new bae did not do anything but cause more drama for her. Her new bae is one Kudzai Terrence Mushonga aka ‘Ndege Boy’ a 28-year-old Zimbabwean national who fled his native home fours years ago after defrauding a prominent Harare Micro-Financier of US$166 000 using fake documents in September 2016. No one has heard from the fraudster until he was posted by Khanyi Mbau’s “bae reveal” Facebook post.


It was alleged that ‘Ndege Boy’ was not working alone, his fellow conspirators were named as Tatenda Mandimudza and Njabulo Ndebele when he was just 25 years old, and all are still at large. The police reports state that the trio acted as employees of Dream Air Company which did not exist and convinced the micro-financier by using forged documents to deposit the amount on Kudzai Mushonga’s CBZ account.

It seems Khanyi Mbau did not know of her current bae’s past transgressions and posted Kudzai on her Facebook page revealing to her fans the new man in her life.

Khanyi's new bae

However, the two are just a good match for each other as they are both plagued by controversy and her dating someone like Kudzai does not come as a shock as her choice of lovers over the past years have been questionable. She has been accused of being a gold-digger and dating an old man for money but this time she took it a few decades back and went for a younger man probably in the belief that he was “The youngest Zimbabwean to ever own an airline”.

It is believed that ‘Ndege Boy’was believed to be the first Zimbabwean to own an airline back in 2016 and the money he used to buy it was acquired from his fraudulent activities.

Zimbabwean authority has not issued any statement regarding the siting of Kudzai, but we wait patiently how this saga will unfold.

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