Man Beats up his girlfriend, tied her to the back of his car and dragged her on the road

People were left in shock when the report that man from Aliwal North was repoted to have unleashed so much harm to the person he claims to love.

His name is Katlego Poone, he is from Aliwal North, and he works in the Department of Agriculture, in Aliwal North. He beats up his girlfriend, after beating her up, he tied her to the back of his car and dragged her on the road.


That is not something that I would do to my worst enemy.

In his previous relationship, he was also an abusive animal that he is today. He also beat up his pregnant ex-girlfriend, until she miscarried. It is unknown whether his ex-girlfriend reported him to the police, but I doubt it.

He was exposed on Twitter and Facebook by @AdvoBarryRoux who posted his pictures and a picture of him with his girlfriend and shared his disgusting tale. Law Abiding Citizen, a popular page on Facebook, also featured him on their wall.

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