Ayanda Thabethe Reveals her Greatest Quality

Without a doubt forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. You will have to be a very strong person to forgive those who did you wrong. Forgetting is another thing though, you will really need to be as special as Ayanda Thabethe, to completely forget how you were wronged.

The media personality took to Twitter to share how good she is at forgiveness. Unlike some of us, Ayanda forgives to the extent of forgetting how the whole bad vibe started. This is actually good, because it helps you to not keep on remembering about some sad points of your life. This is probably why Ayanda is in good terms with all her exes.

One thing I’m seriously good at is forgiveness. I really forgive and forget to the point that I don’t remember what actually led to the turmoil. I don’t know – it’s just a default setting.. I’m grateful for it …

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