Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo warns future husband about her reluctance to have more children

Kelly Khumalo has shared a public declaration to her future husband, stating that she is not keen on having any more children, as she is not willing to ruin her figure.

Kelly Khumalo took to Instagram on Sunday, 31 January 2021, to document her journey to achieving a flat stomach at a local aesthetic clinic in Johannesburg.

Understanding the effort it has taken to maintain a toned midriff, Kelly shared a video where she warned her future husband about not wanting to have more children.

Kelly has yet to publicize any romantic relationship she may be in, as she chose to direct her video to an undisclosed potential husband.

She stated, “For a very long time, I thought I was going to have another child, maybe a last born or third born, or even twins if the universe decides to be resourceful. But after the process of buying a new tummy, I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

She then addressed her future husband, and advised that he would have to settle for her children, as she is not keen on having any more. In the comments section, one user suggested that her future husband should have his own children, to which she responded, “Please, and they must be old enough!”

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